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Revolution in the Concrete Industry

With an innovative production process, MultiCON offers the environmentally friendly solution for a global concrete problem and also provides solutions especially for the German market. Concrete is the most widely used building material in the world. However, in order to produce concrete among others sand is required, a resource that is becoming increasingly scarce as is well-known. The increasing demand, the decreasing extraction capacities as well as the high CO2 emissions during the production of concrete are far-reaching problems and require future-oriented solutions. The company MultiCON who has set itself the objective to offer economic and ecological concrete solutions has made the breakthrough in the globally booming construction industry with its unique offer. Previously unusable fine sands are now made usable for the concrete industry …

New UN report warns against irresponsible sand extraction:
Innovative process by MultiCON succeeds in solving a global problem

The Munich-based company MultiCON has achieved a breakthrough: From now on, an innovative, patented production process makes it possible to render desert sand usable for the construction industry. This can make a decisive contribution to the economy, the environment and politics …

New process in the concrete industry:
Environmentally friendlier, market-specific and innovative

The Munich-based company MultiCON that has been engaged in the development of ecological and economical concretes for years inspires the construction industry with an environmentally friendlier process. Sand is required to produce concrete. 50 billion tons are extracted every year from nature. 40 billion tons of it are required solely by the construction industry. This has serious consequences for the ecosystem. The sand extraction destroys the habitats of animals taking away their basis of existence. Moreover, the base of many people’s lives is in endangered that for example make their living from fishing. A new patented process developed by the MultiCON GmbH allows making fine rock flour, fine and/or desert sand usable for the construction industry as of now. This way, the illegal extraction of sand and the global sand shortage can be counteracted.

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