Mixers Variety 

MultiCON high-speed mixer represented in different volume: 100 l, 400 l, 800 l and 1500 l. It gives an opportunity to apply mixers to varied precast plants and research labs. Furthermore, we offer two types of mixers: stationary and mobile.


Tests carried out proved that using high-speed mixing during the first step together with a conventional concrete batching plant potentially can reduce required water and cement volume, however only with minor quality improvements. To get the best result of using the dual mixing method, highly concentrated water binder suspension mixer and its technological integration into the existing conventional mixing method is of a highest necessity.

Practical Implementation of The Mixer

Application to a new organized batching plant

There is no obstacles to integrate the MultiCON high-speed mixer into a new organised batching plant. Our team of experienced engineers provide the mixer installation with full technical and managerial support. Furthermore, the investment for mixer integration is relatively low.

Mixer integration into an existing batching plant

The MultiCON high-speed mixer is a turnkey solution which includes weighing and dosing components, self-cleaning system and discharging facilities. Moreover, the mixer contain its own control support, which has to be linked with the control center of the whole mixing system.

Mobile mixing system

Furthermore, the turnkey solution can be easily integrated into a batching plan or being used as a mobile mixer-system for any construction sides, e.g. 50th floor of a sky scrapers.

Moreover, the MultiCON mixer can be applied on high-rise buildings located in the sub-tropic climate zone (e.g. Dubai, Saudi Arabia, etc). Where water, additive and cement can be easily pumped up to the top levels of a high-riser and aggregates - simultaneously supplied in "big-packs" or in another way.For instance, the mixer can be placed directly at the construction site. Only substitute components such as cement silos, additive containers, water and electricity are needed to produce the suspension. The respective dosage is adjusted by the mixer control unit. The mixing of the suspension with the aggregates of sand and gravel can be carried out either with a normal compulsory mixer or simply pumped in a mobile mixer filled with the additives and stirred there.

The concrete is produced directly in the respective store in the best quality that worth the type of production. Furthermore, applied production method eliminates the required ice, necessary for transportation and maintaining the concrete temperature condition.