Our Service Package 


We offer variable product packages with full range of customer service:

  • Optimizing of your concrete recipes for conventional mixer;
  • Totally optimizing of your concrete recipes by application Dual Mixing System (DMS);
  • Extension of your precast production capacity due to high early strength;
  • Batching plant capacity extension owing to DMS;
    Extension your field of applications using concrete range: one mixer applied for different concrete products - OptiCON, PerlCON, AerCON and others;
  • Planning and integration of the mixing system;
    Furthermore, we provide leasing possibilities of mixing equipment;
  • Area/country license;
  • Membership in our R&D group.

The package fees depend on product type, license area, concrete consumption in m³ and other production factors. For further information, please, contact our consultants.