Fine and Desert Sand for High-Quality Concrete


The Idea 

With our technology, the fine or desert sand is first crushed with fine grinding mills into fine sand flour. This sand powder is then granulated on pelletizing plates with the addition of the MultiCON suspension to round pellets in sizes of 0-15 mm. These pellets are so hard and stable that they can easily be processed as concrete aggregates in normal concrete mixing plants. The highest effect however you have by using special features of our “MultiCON High-Speed Suspension Mixing Unit” for the production of a high quality, durable concrete. This patented process can save up to 40% cement and up to 30% CO2 emissions. This is also the reason why several governments financially support this high-speed technology. 

The manufacturing process is simple and easy to implement. Prerequisite is only the local presence of the corresponding fine or desert sands.


 General Situation

  • Sand is a very valuable natural resource.

  • The available resources are not enough to meet the increasing world demand of different industries.

  • The quantities of usable sand are limited in the world.

  • This is an important problem for the increasing demand of the construction industry

  • There is a paradox because a lot of fine and desert sand is available worldwide but not usable for concrete.

Sand is more valuable than you think.


MultiCON solved these problems for building industry!


Production of firm aggregates out of fine or desert sand for concrete.

By use of the MultiCON High-Speed Mixing Technology and these granules, a cost-saving, cement reduced and environmentally friendly standard concrete in high-quality could be produced



Production Steps 


Step 1: Pulverization of Fine- and Desert Sand with Roll Mills


The fine and desert sand is not suitable to be used in concrete in its original condition. In our method, the sand is pulverized as the initial step to sand flour.

The Principle of Roll Mill to produce sand flour

Pulverized Desert Sand (sand flour)   


Step 2: Granulation of the Pulverized Fine and Desert Sand


The sand/quartz flour obtained during the treatment fed into large pelletizing plates to form stiff, strong and stable granules of up to 15 mm diameter with the aid of a MultiCON water-binder suspension. These pellets are suitable and high-quality, non-water-absorbent aggregates that can be used for high-quality concrete production.

7,5 m diameter Pelletizing Plate for approx. 100 t/h production capacity (with one plate)

High-strength, non-absorbent aggregate granules from desert sand.


Step 3: Production of Concrete from Fine and Desert Sand Pellets


These pellets can be used to produce high-quality concrete. For this purpose, the suspension prepared in the " MultiCON High-Speed Suspension Mixing Unit " using the "Dual Mixing Technology" is stirred in a second mixer with pellets. The result is a high-quality, cost-effective and environmentally friendly quality concrete.

The principle of the dual mixing system

High-Quality Concrete




 This new development ends the ever-expanding exploitation of protected areas and offsets the expanding construction industry in a NEW AGE.


These views should be things of past quickest possible