AerCON™ is suspension foam concrete without energy intensive autoclaves. The basic for AerCON™ is the lightweight concrete suspension with additional aerated forming devices, e.g. aluminum powder. Hereby, the lightweight slurry extended up by the foam agent to a gross density of 700 kg/m³ with a compressive strength up to 10 N/mm².

Technical Figures of AerCON™

Gross density = 700 - 800 kg/m³
Thermal conductivity = 0.17 W/(mk)
Slump = 93 cm
Strength 28 days = 10 N/mm²


Extension ability of PerlCON: time frame ≈ 10 min, extension volume ≈ 25%

AerCON™ Possible Applicatıon

Foamed aerated construction without autoclave
Aerated bricks
Aerated precast walls

Owing to the fact that AerCON™ can be manufactured without cost-intensive and energy-intensive autoclaves, the investment and production costs are significantly lower, that is also reflected in the CO2 balance sheet.Investment