Advantages of the MultiCON Dual Mixing System


  • Dual mixing technique ensures maximum cement substitution - significant cement reduction up to 40%.
  • Match the required concrete quality and characteristics.
  • Higher compressive, tensile and early strength.
  • Flowable concrete with a spread > 58 cm and high workability.
  • High-viscosity and sediment stable slurry without segregation.
  • Homogeneous coloring and excellent waterproof facade elements structure.
  • Self-compacting properties and denser concrete structure.
  • Economical use of small-sized aggregates max. up to 8 mm, due to cement glue is more favorable by using cheaper inert substances and, as the result, can be produced in sufficient quantity, e.g. in the case of transportation concrete plants, it is a crucial competitive advantage.
  • High pumping properties without sedimentation.
  • Structured lightweight concrete with the same characteristics as normal concrete - applicable in civil engineering or lightweight constructions => lighter buildings, earthquake proofed concrete.
  • Dual mixing system increases the capacity of the mixing plant by the possible premixing of the slurry.
  • Casting in hot environment area without pre-wetting and ice.
  • Less shrinkage and capillary channels - water proof character.
  • Less pores and better surface.
  • Thixotropic characteristics allow prefabrication of slurry for one hour in advance.
  • Mobile application on truck, on site or in high-rise floors.
  • Short mixing time and improved early strength increases batching plant capacity.


Owing to enhanced fluidity Matrix Optimized Concrete obtains self-compacting characteristics for a water cement ratio (w/c) of 0.4


  • Cost savings from 8% to 15% due to cemented savings of up to 40% Return of investment period is 2 years for 40.000 m³ annual normal concrete production
  • Further cost savings owing to possible concrete weight reduction results in savings in logistic, lighter constructions, smaller dimension and reduced component dimensions with a substantial influence on, for example, earthquake calculations, etc.
  • Leasing possibilities with MultiCON partners.
  • Possibility of government subsidies
  • Extended batching plant capacity up to 30% Increased plant output by 25% due to higher earlier strength
  • Aerated concrete without energy and cost-intensive autoclaves
  • Mobile application of the mixer, e.g. semi-trailer or mobile mixing plant on construction sites. 


  • OptiCON™, PerlCON™, AerCON™
  • Normal concrete grades of SCC quality
  • Light-weight & foamed aerated concrete
  • High performance concrete
  • Fiber concrete Recycling concrete
  • Earth moist concrete and others


  • CO2 reduction up to 30%
  • Use of the state aids for innovation, environment protection and resource conservation


Due to the opportunity of producing different concrete grades there are extended production possibilities obtained, such as:

  • Production of any construciton elements with less weight
  • Waterproofed and dyed concrete facade elements
  • Modular construction, e.g. garages, low-cost housing, modular buildings, plumbing blocks and plumbing modules.
  • Lightweight concrete buildings with low thermal insulation in countries with sub-tropic climate and others.